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Aftercare Procedures

  • Avoid steam, sweat & heavy water around eyes for 48 hours after application.
  • Do not use oily moisturizers or cleansing products around eyes (ie. Makeup removers, eye creams).
  • Use a mascara wand or eyebrow brush/comb to tame eyelash extensions as necessary.
  • Do not rub eyes as this may result in breakage and/or irritation  to eyes and natural eyelashes.
  • Maintain daily cleanliness of eye area after wearing makeup, or using other facial products.
  • Avoid sleeping on face. If necessary, you may sleep with a satin or silk eye mask or pillowcase. This will help avoid smashing your lashes into linen and pillows, especially cotton.

Take-Home Essentials

SugarLash Lash Pure Cleanser: The name speaks for itself, but let's elaborate a little on why it is extremely necessary to have this, if nothing else. BACTERIA, BACTERIA, BACTERIA! No sense in investing in a service that will expedite your visit to the ophthalmologist if you aren't practicing good hygiene. A foam solution, Lash Pure is comprised of tea tree extract, which naturally has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Lash Pure is important for balancing pH levels and maintaining eye health, especially from blepharitis--a bacterial infection of the eyelash follicles. Not to mention, it doubles as an eye makeup remover!!!

Max2 Protective Coating Sealant: A must-have for lashers who are oil-prone, frequent swimmers, and those who perspire a lot in the face workout.... Oh, and did I mention my "Steam Queens?!" Let's be honest, we do the most in the name of beauty and health, but when possible, one shouldn't be sacrificed for the other. Thank the lash fairy for this cool product that will keep those perfectly curled lashes in tact until they grow and shed!!!

Max2 Special Mascara:formulated specifically for eyelash extensions, this mascara is oil-free and washes off with warm water. So, NO, you cannot expect it to be waterproof and not give you raccoon eyes after watching your favorite love story, but it will provide that extra UNPH! for a photoshoot or a night out.