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LAshology 101

     Like the hair strands that cover our scalps, each natural eyelash is on its own journey through the hair growth cycle. This cycle consists of 3 stages: Anagen, Catagen, & Telogen. Ok, so this sounds like forgein , right?! Well, to make it more simple, each eyelash goes through a growth, transitional, and resting phase. The cycle in its entirety can last 3-5 months for a single strand before it sheds, and births a brand new lash. With this being said, it is necessary to establish a routine for the upkeep of eyelash extensions, and this routine will vary by the individual.

     Some major things that may affect upkeep are as follows: natural variations in the speed of hair growth; hormonal changes (this is HUGE!); use of topical hair products and/ or hair, skin and nail vitamins; natural production of sebum in the skin and/ or use of oil-based products on the skin and hair surrounding the eye area; sleep patterns (i.e. sleeping on the face or side, especially on cotton or other coarse-textured fabrics). Though these questions are asked on the consent form and consultation prior to application, it is important to have healthy discussions if you experience significant changes in retention with your luscious lash extensions. Honesty is key, as it helps you and your licensed professional to go through a process of elimination. And don't worry, there are often solutions to combat issues without compromising one thing for another!

     Now that we've talked about the science of things, let's brush up on what you need to do prior to an appointment for a seamless experience:

  • Try your best to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. This allows more time to cleanse the face, as well as fill out any consent forms, if necessary. See electronic consent form to right for a head start!
  • Come to your appointment free of eye makeup, and if you can manage, a face free of makeup is best.
  • Avoid use of any eye creams or heavy moisturizers on the surrounding eye area, as this helps to better secure eye patches and skin tape necessary to the lash application.


​Please visit the Aftercare tab in this section to learn more about the best retention practices for all demi and semi lash applications.